Vision Statement
I see hundreds and even thousands of people coming to teaching seminars where the uncompromising Word of God is being taught I see infant and young Christians embracing the truths of the Gospel; learning what "Keys of Authority" they have to unlock spiritual truths and growth.  I see them taking these "Keys" with them into every day life and growing up spiritually.  And not stopping there, but going on to touch the lives of other infant and young Christians to help them grow up.

One main truth is this:  put the past behind and press on toward the prize of the high calling of God through Christ Jesus.  No one can move ahead when constantly being pulled back to the past.

This dream and vision is big.  But God has given each one of us a creative element and the ability to dream big.  Sometimes we are reluctant to dream big, yet our dream should know no boundaries based on Eph. 3:20.  I want us to master the art of seeing the invisible.  Let us emulate Jesus with our drive, passion and vision.
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